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School Leadership Team

The Leadership Team meets throughout the school year to discuss curriculum and instruction, student achievement, school climate and culture, educational technology, and revelent school issues that impact our academic programs. These meetings are designed as an open forum for anyone who wants to volunteer his or her time.


Meet Our Team

Khary Moody, Principal

Donna Chapman, Site Base Teacher Leader

Meghan Smith, Counselor

Charmaine Howard-Cox, Secretary

Lisa Zaccario, Nurse


Carin Bennicoff, Kindergarten Teacher


Zulma Ortiz, Kindergarten Teacher


Cheryl Daniels, 1st Grade Teacher


Ebonie Thorpe, 1st Grade Teacher


Erin Hill, 2nd Grade Teacher


Todd Burnside, 2nd GradeTeacher


Theresa Gailliout, 3rd Grade Teacher


Jamie Ott, 3rd Grade Teacher


Maureen Mullin, 4th Grade Teacher


Rebecca Kalbach, 4th, 5th Grade ELA Teacher


Ryan Sullivan, 4th, 5th Grade Math Teacher


Matthew Stine, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science/Social Studies Teacher


Eileen Somerville, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Math


Patrice Bertotto, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade ELA Teacher


Vanessa Martin, Autistic Support


Amanda Strongin, Autistic Support


Teri Miller, Autistic Support


Ada Shriber, Autistic Support


Timothy Vouriotis, Emotional Support


Windy Brown, Emotional Support


Marie Taylor, Learning Support


James McGee, Learning Support


Anne Briskey, Speech Teacher


Shelcia Collier, ESOL Teacher


Michelle Messer, Psychologist


Rebecca Hughes, Art


Ardath Belzer, Instrumental


John Sturgis, Gym


Charlene Graham, Computers



Sylvia Acey, Classroom Assistant


Evelyn Lopez, Classroom Assistant



Maria Malaluan, Classroom Assistant


Kathleen Robbins, Classroom Assistant


Jacqueline Hicks, Classroom Assistant


Suzanne Lomax, Classroom Assistant


Lashade Curtis, Classroom Assistant


Vanessa Williams, Classroom Assistant


Malik Byrd, Classroom Assistant


Ayinde Jenkins, 1:1 Assistant


Nia Johnson, 1:1 Assistant


Chanise Mills, 1:1 Assistant


Charles Coleman, Bus Attendant


Dominique Rasley-Brown, Bus Attendant


Theo Miller, Playworks Coach


Katerina Lardova, Reading Specialist


Shakita Greene, CLI


Macoma Spencer, Parent Ambassador


Marilou Lopez, Parent Volunteer


Lauren Wheeler, STS


Majid Ali, STS


Irma Diaz, Climate Support Specialist


Elizabeth Williams, Climate Support Specialist


Tashanda Watkins, Climate Support Specialist


Devon Moore, Climate Support Specialist


Marie Laverture-Hippolite, Classroom Assistant


Lakeisha Stokes, Classroom Assistant


Tedi Lowney, Technology Support


Erikson Stokes, Building Engineer


Willetta Brown, Assistant Building Engineer


Valerie Brown-Johnson, General Cleaner


Tanisha Weaver, General Cleaner


Daryl Williams, Food Service


Verna Donaldson, Food Service




Last modified: June 22, 2018